Language stay abroad - Chester

A report from one of our M-Profile students that went to Chester, England for two weeks this Autumn.

The language stay in Chester was a great experience. When we arrived in Chester on Sunday evening, we were taken home by our host families. It was the first time meeting them and I instantly felt comfortable. My host family was a young couple who recently became parents to an infant. They were extremely welcoming and I spent a really nice time with them, although the nights were restless due to the baby crying all night long.


On our first day of school we went on a city tour along the Chester city walls. Chester is located in the northwest of England and has a Roman heritage. It is famous for its shopping area called “Rows” and its ancient buildings. 


During our stay we went on city trips to Liverpool and Manchester. Furthermore, we visited the Chester Zoo and went shopping in Cheshire Oaks, which is a well-known designer outlet. On weekdays I spent the evenings watching some British TV-series and chatting with my host parents or in one of the many pubs in Chester. 


The time flew by and I already had to say goodbye to my host family to catch my flight back home. 


Nathalie Bohnenblust, M20A

Language stay abroad
Language stay abroad

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